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How to Prepare for Group Discussion? Let's Check Do’s & Don’ts Tips for GD


How to Prepare for Group Discussion? Do’s & Don’ts Tips for GD

A) Why Group Discussion (GD) is Conducted?

Group Discussion Tips and Tricks: Nowadays students are facing lots of problems in the process of selection. Group discussion is the most important aid to judge the communication skill & leadership qualities in students. In many business schools, it becomes the part of the selection process. Group discussion assesses the ability of reasoning, leadership, flexibility, communication skill, attitude & personality, etc.

B) Skills are Required in Group Discussion:

Skills are required to become a successful person, which are assessed in group discussion, are as follows:
  • Communication skill
  • Leadership
  • Thinking & listening ability
  • Presentation skill
  • Personality development
  • Ambiguity & team building skill

C) Follow Some Do’s & Don’ts Tips for Group Discussion:

Some do’s are as follows.
  • First of all be a good listener. Listen very carefully whatever the person wants to ask you
  • Answer very confidently, what you know about exactly
  • Speak very effectively & efficiently which is important
Some don’ts are as follows:
  • Never use technical words while speaking
  • Don’t try to bluff
  • Do not criticize for anything

D) Topics which are Required in Group Discussion:

The topics which are discussed in group discussion basically categorized as follows:
  • Factual Topics: 
Factual topics are based on practical things become in our life. It aims to assess the awareness of the students about the current environment.
  • Controversial Topics:
The nature of this topic is the argumentative type. This aims to assess the maturity level of the students to generate controversy idea behind the topic given to them.
  • Abstract Topics:
It is about intangible things. It is about to check the creativity level of the students.
  • Case Laws:
It is the most important topic in group discussion. The real life-based case’s information is given to the students and they have to try to solve the situation as per their ability of thinking.

E) Tips for Group Discussion:

Some useful tips are given here for group discussion as follows:
  • At first, the most important thing is to understand the topic given in the group discussion.
  • Make ideas about the fact & then try to get a chance to speak. Answer very efficiently with confidence.
  • Always give positive feedback during GD.
  • Always raise hands before speak. Don’t present false data or facts about related topics.
  • Always listen to others and then after give your opinion.
  • Don’t take too much time to think, you should think in time provided in GD.
  • Make valid points by giving the quality of thoughts. 
  • Leadership quality is must during the GD.try to emerge as a leader.
  • Never point a finger, shouting on other during the discussion
  • Always answer your question with logic.
  • It is not important that how much you speak but most important is that what you say.
  • You have any confusion than give a chance to other to speak and you should wait for sometime
  • Discussion with examples or suggest the way to view the problems
  • Always try to understand what other participants want to say.
  • At the time of conclusion, do end with conclusion note just like a leader.
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