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Cyber Security Jobs for Freshers - How to Make Career in Cyber Security?


What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security Career Path: Cyber Security is the protection of systems, networks, and data in Cyber Space. It is the practice to safe security techniques to minimize the successful Cyber Security attacks. In the age of computerization sensitive information is frequently stored on computers that are attached to the internet. Thus it is needed to be information assurance and security.

Career Prospects of Cyber Security:

As per an estimate by the union ministry of information technology our country requires more than 5 lacs Cyber Security professional by 2018. It can be said that there is a need of cyber experts as India is heading towards an explosion almost in all sector such as e-commerce, e-banking, e-governance, and the social media as day by day the threat of cyber attacks is increasing. It has become a rapidly growing market in India.

Not only is an individual threatened by illegal activities in Cyber Space but also the entire country’s security could be at risk. It’s become a hot issue in our country. So we can say that it will be one of the fastest job growth areas in the coming decade.

Hackers can strike in various ways by virus attacks to your confidential information and it will harm to you in such a way by erasing your entire system, steal your information from your computer and can be modified without informing you.

Courses of Cyber Security:

Many institutes and colleges are provided with various types of Cyber Security courses in India. Some are the certification courses in cyber Security as follows.
  • Computer and Digital Security
  • Advance Computer & Digital Security
  • Certificate in Cyber Crime Investigation and Digital Forensics
  • Certificate in Network & System Security
  • Certification in Penetration Tester & Forensic Expert  
  • Certified Information System Auditor
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Cisco Certified Security Professional
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer

Fields in which Cyber Security Jobs are Offered:

The Cyber Security jobs are mostly available in the areas of information technology officer, security officer, cyber security analyst, etc. The government departments are also offered opportunities to build a career in Cyber Security as in the department of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Aviation & Defense, Department of Transportation, etc.

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